12,800+ inquiries

Total number number of business-related inquiries the KLCFDC has responded to since we opened our doors

Helping to Make our Community Better

The Board of Directors of the KLCFDC is continuously looking for ways to assist Community Economic Development in Kawartha Lakes. Also known as CED, we can provide small grants to help get a new idea going, support an activity/event, and/or simply assist a community or group in getting something done.

We also encourage you to contact our office at info@KLCFDC.com to ask any questions and to help establish the eligibility of your activity for CED support.

Please keep in mind these points when thinking about submitting a CED request to us:

  1. Usually, our support is limited to first-time applicants or new projects and the amounts provided are between $500 and $1500. Our annual capacity to provide CED grants is limited and is at the Board of Directors’ discretion.
  2. We are committed to reviewing all applications and even if we cannot provide the assistance requested, to help in trying to establish a source to support the project. That said, providing funding is a KLCFDC-based decision, and therefore all decisions are final. You may however, chose to re-submit an application or to apply in a subsequent year for the same or another project.

We are committed to supporting the community we serve here in Kawartha Lakes and look forward to the possibility of being of assistance.